cbq requires the following:

  • Adobe ColdFusion (ACF) 2018+ OR Lucee 5+

  • ColdBox 6+

The different Queue Providers each have their own requirements that are listed on their individual pages.

Install via ForgeBox with CommandBox

cbq is installed via ForgeBox with CommandBox. You can install the latest version using the command:

install cbq

Load Java Libraries

When using batches, cbq utilizes additional Java libraries included in the lib/ folder. These need to be added to your Application's javaSettings in Application.cfc.

// Java Integration
this.javaSettings = {
    loadPaths: [ expandPath( "./modules/cbq/lib" ) ],
    loadColdFusionClassPath: true,
    reloadOnChange: false

Feel free to use mappings to point to the cbq path, if needed.

Additional Provider Installation Steps

The Queue Provider you use may have additional installation steps. Check out the individual provider pages for more details.